Using mobile phones and Driving

Using a phone while driving

Using mobile phones – We’re all guilty of it

Over 25% of UK drivers have admitted to using their mobile phones while driving. Mobile phones are a primary source of distraction while behind the wheel of a car, and despite it being illegal.

Figures issued by the RAC haven’t changed significantly enough in the last 12 months, which is why both Thames Valley and Hampshire police have brought in this new technology.

The Stats

For example a quarter of all car accidents worldwide, caused by texting while driving.

In this case, mobile phone usage is equivalent to driving your car after drinking four alcoholic drinks. You are around 6 times more likely to be the cause of an accident than being intoxicated.

Drinking and driving

New Technology – Mobile phone detectors for drivers

Combating these damning stats, new technology and rolled into place. Mobile detectors essentially detect any driver that is using their phone and flashes for them to stop using their mobile.

Technology shall not be used to catch criminals, police say and footage cannot be recorded, the technology tells police that a phone being used in a vehicle.

Instead, the idea is to educate and inform drivers, reminding them of their responsibility as a road user.

Thames valley and Hampshire police are to trial the new devices with more of the technology being rolled out shortly after.

The detectors will be able to identify key areas to tackle.

How does it work?

Detecting calls, texts or mobile phone data, using 2G, 3G and 4G signals, for instance people who usually use Bluetooth hands-free devices, the detectors identify this and will not flash.

There have been several recorded cases, where fatal accidents have been caused by mobile phones in recent years. If successful, these detectors could become a regular feature of our roads and could help to reduce such cases.

Cars in a bump

Using mobile phones and driving

Do you think mobile phone detectors are a good idea?

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