What are drivers most concerned about?

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What are drivers most concerned about? In 2019, a report asked drivers, four motoring-related issues from a list of the 20 most commonly raised.

This data created a percentage, showing the level of concern among drivers about each issue – the RAC created a chart to show how these issues changed in recent years.

In 2019, for example, fuel costs as an overall concern level. 34% of the drivers talked to said petrol or diesel prices were one of their four main concerns.

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What are drivers most concerned about?

Here are some drivers’ biggest concerns in 2019:

Fears loom for mobile phones

Mobile phone and driving for the most part is drivers’ greatest concern in 2019 – phone use continues as the most common concern in the past five years.

Using a phone while driving

Furthermore, how has compliance with the law changed in the last year, and what needs to be done?

Paying more – and not just at the pumps

Petrol pumps

Crude oil costs in the early 2019, led to higher forecourt prices and an understandable increase in concern among drivers.

The cost of insurance is one of their main concerns, including a rise in concern about parking charges. Therefore, are drivers getting a fair deal from fuel retailers when wholesale costs go up or down?

Local roads: a slightly brighter picture?

Pot holes in a road

UK road conditions, together with, potholes & general road surfaces, however this year it has fallen sharply compared to 2018?

Aggression at the wheel: a cause for concern?

Road rage

RAC’s 2019 annual survey, revealed the increase in concern about aggression shown by other drivers – covering everything from tailgating, engine-revving to verbal, even physical abuse.

Uninsured and untaxed drivers: Less of a problem?

Site of a car bump

Uninsured and untaxed drivers accordingly is still seen as a problem on the UK roads. However, this now seems to be less of a concern than in previous years..

Drivers, Coming to terms with congestion?

Very busy road

Traffic congestion and a related increase in the time it takes motorists to reach their destinations has declined as a concern this year. Therefore, it is possible, that drivers are simply becoming more accustomed to busy roads.

Concerned? Diesel emissions and health: Growing awareness

Car emissions

While concern about the damaging health impact of emissions from diesel vehicles remains low overall, there are clear signs that drivers are gradually becoming more worried about the issue.

What are drivers most concerned about?

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